NISSAN Science and Technology Factory

Project Period |  since 2011 (Pingxiang, Huerhaote, Weihai, Changshu, Yichun, Fuzhou, Baoding, Weifang, Dezhou, Dongying, Shenyang and other 3-5 tier counties )

Project Effect |  When manufacturers explore deeply the market of 3-5 tier counties, they not only find out its potential value, but also face big challenges of fewer competition advantages against a large quantity of brands and a variety of purchasing behaviors.

In this situation, how to fastly cover these counties with low cost has become the urgent demand. Therefore, we have designed NISSAN science and technology Factory to help resolve clients’ pain-point problem.

Our caravan can provide the consumers with the brand communication, technical experience and the comfortable environment. Its transformers-like outspreading attracts a lot of consumers and warmly welcomed with a series of localized marketing events.
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