2014 “ Youth is to Rainbow Run” Suning E-Commerce Rainbow Run

Project Period |  2014.09.27(Bejing)

Project Effect |  Beijing’s Sep.27th saw the launch of Suning E-Commerce Rainbow Run Event. Around the theme of “No Color No Youth”, this Rainbow Run aimed to stab the pain point that young people in urban city longs for outdoor sport due to the long-term indoor-stay. By this event, Suning can maintain a good brand interaction and emotional resonation with young people.
For a month’s well preparation, INNO-VISION helped arranged a fashionable and lively running carnival. Youth could be seen everywhere, the colorful event spot, wechat camera, the cartoon show and the handsome experiential car.
On this day, 20,000 rainbow runners were coloring their own youth, which marked the highest record of one stop in this event.
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