"Bring Future to Present" Hitting the New Ecosystem of Automobile Marketing in Internet Age, 2014 Guangzhou Forum
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Kevin Huang, the CEO and the Co-founder of Inno-vision Marketing, considers that the ownership of offline marketing will transfer from the dealer to makers。 Vendors should carry out regional sales and complete the regional brand, product and marketing planning。


In addition, a third party drive platform of mix-brands will be a new way for the future of automobile marketing from the perspective of consumers. Inno-vision is now exploring this new model to resolve the problems of counties’ automobile marketing. Finally, Kevin Huang also shared the results on data marketing which tells the consumer’s behaviors by collecting data with a intelligent tool called MBOX. As a result, it helps to realize different brands’ competition in different cities and makes the marketing strategy more targeted to client’s brand.


Combining online marketing and offline marketing, value that subverts the traditional will be created.

Xinyu Ren, the marketing director of automobile big data marketing department of Alibaba’s amap software, shared the insight report of the Chinese car owners with the guest in live。 He considered that electricity would not overturn the traditional channel so soon。 But online marketing and offline marketing are combined together。 The value created by doing better in each link of the car-buying experience will overturn the traditional pattern of 4 s stores。


Data will be visual in the big data era

Jianming Shi, the CEO and the originator of Shanghai MarcPoint Technology Co。led。, showed us a visual data excel on the scene。 He turned the ten thousand rank of excel into a color code, which intuitively reflect the relationship between the key and the important information of the data。 This helped the audience appreciate the new thinking of the big data analysis method and get a new vision about the digital marketing of automobile。


The content is the advertisement, the advertisement is the content

Ming Yang, the general manager of the PowerStream Technology Co.led., told us that the contact of consumers was becoming more fragmented and in the mobile Internet era. The advertisement should be made as like content which stood in the perspective of consumers. It was like the conduction of the consumers which would attract them to participate. As a result, their decisions would be influenced.


Create new marketing model to meet the new demands the consumers 

Song Hang, the vice president of Autohome, considered that the demands and habit of consumers were changing。 It was necessary to meet the new demands of them。 The  electricity of auto were a creation that basis on the demand of 3rd and 4th tier provincial cities’ consumers。 In the future, the electricity of auto would always stand in the perspective of users and provide the consumers with better user experience by combining different ways and models。 Finally, change their buy decisions。


Seize the high value of the auto market of counties

It was necessary to find out the county with high value when facing 2000 counties, Liang Pan, the research director of Ark Marketing Research & Consulting Co.led., said so. The counties with high value can be selected out by forecasting the registration of each county in the future. In addition, we should monitor some sudden changes in the counties through the size of population, the income of population and the sales of cars. In marketing, we should enhance the relationship between brands and consumers by different influencing ways according to consumer’s shopping time. And win the customers through wide advertisements, experience and policy in multi-brand sharing channels.


A city,a contry, build a comprehensive three-dimensional ecosystem

Siming Zhu of  NRI believed the new marketing ecosystem ,‘a city a country’, can be realized in China to meet the full range of administrative users’ demands. The implementation way was the combination of online marketing and offline marketing and the mixture of truth and falsehood. The mixture of truth and falsehood was digital marketing. Means can be summarized as three points:  motivating the views of users, targeting the influencing ways and ng the transformation process.


Sell cars with the power of , the of Luojisiwei.

Zhenyu Luo, the originator of Luojisiwei shared three unit points: first, the power of the people gradually became the core value of the deal and the main transmission channel, and even the sales channel. The power personality would become the source value of all business. It would be the the value of industry itself. So, we should learn to build the strength of our personality. Second, reverse the logic of business. Get close to the consumers by building common ground and become a useful man. And then  skilfully ask the consumers to give and help us . It would be abandon if we blindly give everything to them. Third, dare to make mistakes. Don’t gloss over the brand any more. We should be normal and make our brand interesting by speaking normally. The one that can learn to be the first interesting brand would become the next winner.

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